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Jay Dalvie

The President works to Serve as the single representative of the chapter; Presides at all Chapter and Executive board meetings; Presents a visible agenda at all chapter meetings; Appoints Sergeant(s) at Arms; Appoints Chaplain(s); Establishes committees; Is present at various chapter activities; Acts as liaison to other groups and administrative offices on campus; Ensures that the chapter is conforming to the principles set forth in the National Bylaws; Submits Chapter Reaffirmation form and National dues; Presents a State of the Chapter address at the end of each semester; Approve all budgets and spending requests submitted to the Vice President of Finance; Announces the date of the meeting at which elections shall be held; Casts a tie-breaking vote for each election.
Executive Vice President

Ryan Jasper

The Executive Vice President informs the chapter of and coordinates attendance at fraternity conferences; Completes any applicable award and grant forms; Send an updated copy of the chapter Bylaws to the Alpha Phi Omega National office; Acts as administrator of the chapter email account; Sends out meeting reminders; Acts as supervisor to appointed positions; Serves as a delegate on the Make a Difference Day Committee