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Delta Delta is founded at the St. Louis University School of Dentistry. Not only is Delta Delta the 100th chartered chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, but is the only chapter founded during WWII and the only chapter to ever be founded at a professional school.

Delta Delta loses membership, but retains its position as a chartered chapter of APO.

Oliver "Lafe" Parks gives control of Parks Air College to Saint Louis University.

Parks College begins petitioning as the Theta Xi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega

Theta Xi receives its charter.

Delta Delta makes efforts to regain membership. 

Delta Delta becomes an inactive chapter of Alpha Phi Omega.

Efforts are put forth to reactivate Delta Delta. Leadership is found in a Rockhurst transfer student named Bea Stout who was initiated as a member of Alpha Phi Omega in the Gamma Xi chapter.

Delta Delta hosts the Region VIII Conference

Delta Delta is reactivated with 55 members. Bea Stout receives the first Chapter Distinguished Service Key.

The Family Program first appears in Delta Delta. Miguel Paniagua and Molley Wessel receive the only other recorded chapter DSKs to this point.

Parks College is moved to the main SLU campus. Theta Xi and Delta Delta join under the charter of Delta Delta.
Delta Delta hosts the Section 49 Conference.

The new pledge class more than doubles the size of Delta Delta. The trend in very large pledge classes continues for the next few years. The Chapter Constitution is changed to create a larger Executive board, reflecting the growing chapter size.

Advisor Cindy Grubenhoff, current president Daniel Schniedermeier, and VP of Recruitment and Pledge Education Lauren Rubenstein receive Chapter DSKs. The frist annual Spring Showers of Service draws 300 volunteers to the St. Louis community.

President Lori Ruhl leads efforts in a complete revamping of the Delta Delta constitution. Billy Brennon chairs the family heads in co-ordinating the first annual APO Family Olympics

President Megan Kinney updates the Chapter Risk Management Policy. Also, Delta Delta is named the largest chapter in the country.

Delta Delta hosts the Region 8 Conference.

New pledge class almost doubles the size of Delta Delta. 

Delta Delta receives awards at the National Convention in Boston for Chapter of Excellence - Diamond Level and Pledge Program of Excellence - Diamond Level. Additionally, Make A Difference Day is one of a only a dozen recognized service programs.

VP of Administration Drew Thomas creates a new website, updating the chapter's image, improving chapter transperency, and providing easier data collection.

Through the efforts of VP of Pledge Education Shannon Russell, the size of the chapter doubles in size to well over 450 members. APO is by far the largest organization on Saint Louis University's campus.

To deal with the massive influx of new brothers, a AVP of Administration Matt Coon creates a new database and website to manage and distribute data quickly and efficiently.

The Chapter sees a pledge class of well over 300. The Family program is given greater emphasis to try and reclaim some of the intimacy lost from rapid expansion. Pledge pins, family flags, family histories are introduced. 

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