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Alpha Phi Omega's three cardinal principles are Leadership, Friendship, and Service. 
Learn more about what each one means to us below.


Delta Delta brothers are involved in leadership throughout SLU's campus and the broader community. In addition to a required Leadership Point, APO offers LEADS courses to all of its members to improve their leadership skills and become a valuable asset to their community. Learn more about leadership through APO at our 


Friendship is what distinguishes APO as a service fraternity rather than just a
service club. Hundreds of fellowship events, most of which are free for brothers to attend, encourage our brothers to bond and form friendships that will last throughout college and beyond. Learn more about friendship through APO at our 

Delta Delta brothers put in thousands of hours each semester assisting people both off and on campus. We are also heavily involved with SLU's broader Make a Difference Day and Showers of Service. If you are an organization needing volunteers or would like to learn more about service through APO, please visit our